S A N T O R I N I pt 1

I recently got married to a handsome dude and he took me to Greece for our honeymoon.  Not just Greece but the most beautiful island of Greece (can i say that even though I’ve only been to one island?) – Santorini. This place is so romantic, and I felt like I was in a movie the whole trip. I do have to admit we slept a lot on this trip, taking away from exploring time but after planning a wedding, getting married, and flying around the world…ya just gotta sleep.


Santorini only has one commercial airport and its tiny. We hadn’t arranged any transportation to our hotel, which was fine because it was really easy to get a taxi, they are outside the airport and there is a kiosk near the exit that has vans and taxis. We finally arrived at our hotel at about 2pm, we were SO ready for a shower and to sleep 12 hours.

This picture is where our taxi driver dropped us off. (yo, where the hotel at?)


Ohhhhhhhhh baby


We step through the doors and this is our view. Blown Away.

P E T I T    P A L A C E

I am a hospitality major (hotel person) so I usually have higher expectations than the usual middle class gal. I worked at a Waldorf Astoria in college and now i seem to expect even the Holiday Inn to treat me like a VIP. That being said, right after I took this picture, we were about to walk down the steps to find the check in when a pretty little lady came towards us and welcomed us in her grecian accent. Nefeli, now my favorite greek, took our bags and asked us to follow her. I figured she was showing us to the “lobby” (a small room that could fit four people without luggage) but she passed this little room and took us to the deck where sofas and lounge chairs were waiting for us. Then a waiter brought us some sangria and cool towels for our necks. My husband and I just looked at each other and giggled mouthing “what the hell” because we couldn’t believe we were even allowed in a place this fancy. Nefeli then took our passports went to check us in, while we sat gaping at this view drinking our sangria. Maybe my expectations are not as high as I thought because I was pretty blown away by the service they provided. We were escorted to our room to find they had lit candles and left rose pedals on the floor and bed with a basket of fruit. I could dig it.

Our stay at Petit Palace was exceptional, the staff actually care and are great at their job. If you stay here, make sure you tell Nefeli I miss her.


Not looking to splurge while you’re in Santorini? Then cancel your trip. Just kidding, but  you probably won’t be able to stay somewhere like the palace. We saw a lot of hotels/motels on the island that didn’t look too pricey. I would recommend looking near Perissa for a cheaper option. I also saw a few signs for campsites!


When planning a trip to Santorini be sure to include the cost of renting a car, or scooter. Taxis are expensive, renting is much cheaper! Transportation is a must! We rented a car, a scooter, and an ATV throughout our week stay. If you go during the cooler months and can afford it, rent a car! It is freezing driving around on the ATV/Scooter in the cold months. We visited in April and were always cold, (we packed for summer weather). If you are on the island during warmer months, go for the scooter or ATV, so much fun! We made the mistake of renting transportation through our hotel, it was almost twice as much this way. Look up rentals near you (they are everywhere) and order directly, they will deliver right to your hotel!


The island has a few different towns, the fancy town with the expensive hotels is called Oia. Oia was great but I’m glad our hotel was not here because we fell in love with Fira and everything was way expensive in Oia. Even if you do not stay in Oia, be sure to visit. The town is famous for their sunsets but honestly the sunsets are amazing from anywhere.


This was the sunset from our hotel room ( in Fira not the famous Oia ) the first night we arrived! Amazing! So, you don’t have to be in Oia for an amazing sunset but you do have to visit to see Ammoundi Bay!


We walked down the 200 steps to get to the port, and right at the top of the stairs you pass the house that was featured in “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants”! We took so many pictures on this walk down! There are donkeys here and also at the old port near the cable cars to give you a lift up and down. We were going to ride them until we saw how scared they were of their owners and felt bad, so we walked UP too. Whew.


Once you arrive down at the bay its beautiful! To be honest I don’t recommend any of the restaurants down here, one night we had dinner at the Sunset Taverna and didn’t think it was worth the money, service was not good either. Just tourist traps I believe! Walking around in this area is so fun though because of all the sights! Like this dude, fresh out of the bay, still drippin’:


My husband and I love a good adventure and we had heard about cliff jumping at Ammoundi Bay but didnt see a place that it was even possible. So we did a little research and found this secret gem.


My husband took the FREEZING plunge into the Aegean Sea. I hung out on shore with the family we met from Jersey. To get to the actual “cliff” part you have to swim around the left of this rock and climb up over there. You will see a small white church! They are everywhere in Santorini, even on this uninhabited rock/island/cliff! If you are going to be in Greece during the warmer months, this is a must! Unless your my husband or from Jersey, I wouldn’t recommend this during the cold season because well, its miserably cold. Thank God the sun was out for those brave souls!

Directions to get to this rock/island/cliff:

Walk past the last restaurant towards the rocks ( I think Sunset Taverna is the last one) you literally have to walk through the restaurant to get to the path. Follow the rocky path around and you will see the cliff jumping spot pictured above!

Ammoundi Bay was definitely one of our trip highlights! Thanks Oia!

The town our hotel was located is called Fira, the “old port” is here which has the cable cars, it also has lots of shops and restaurants. This is where we spent most of our time. Firstly because my husband was obsessed with a gyro place at the old port called “Nick the Grill”. They knew our names by the time we left…they are cheap and fast! Secondly, because this is where the Catholic Church was and since we were visiting during Holy Week, we were there often! There are also Dominican Sisters that live right next to the church, they are cloistered nuns. If you are not familiar with this term it means that the nuns do not interact with the outside world, they devote their life to meditation and prayer for the world. They devote their lives to praying for us, because that is what God has called them to, can you imagine! How beautiful their faith is! After Easter mass the priest invited us to the monastery to listen to the sisters sing, it was wonderful! And Thirdly the reason we spent so much time at the Old Port was because there are SO many shops: winding up the sidewalks, gyro in one hand, frozen yogurt in the other, it was a dream! I have a few recommendations at the Old Port:
//Nick the Grill
// Cremalatto- best latte ever!
// Bayiatiko Food Bar- nutella crepe!
// Home Made (tourist shop right across from Cremalatto)- they have the cheapest souvenirs!
// Handmade Leather Sandals ( on the way to the cable car)- this greek gentleman made me some custom sandals for my feet! He makes the shoes right there in his little workshop.

S A N T O R I N I  pt2  I will cover other towns we explored, our experience with visiting during Holy Week, our favorite restaurants and our sailing experience! Check it out.// Thanks for reading! // Comment and follow me on Insta @catholicwifetravels //


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