S A N T O R I N I pt 2


I had two favorite days of our time in Santorini. One was when we found the cliff jumping spot at Ammoundi Bay, which I covered in my first blog post SANTORINI Part 1! Check it out, if you haven’t yet! My other favorite day was sailing with Spiridakos. Spiridakos is a sailing company in Santorini, their office is actually in the Old Port, which I also explained in Part 1. If you do decide to sail with Spiridakos be sure to book in person if possible, if you go into their office and say you are interested they will give you a discount compared to the online price!

Photo Apr 17, 6 25 45 AM
I loved this adventure of sailing around the island! The sailing cruises have a morning sail, or sunset sail. Usually I would have picked to sail during the sunset but it was so chilly at night I knew it would be miserable, so we picked the morning cruise and hoped for a sunny day! Which we got! The van picked us up at our hotel around 10am and brought us to our Catamaran. The crew was so kind and fun, I loved getting to know the gals taking care of us. I asked for a business card with their names and it says ” Crew: Stathis & Almeda 201″. So if you do book, ask for this crew, they were lovely!  Our boat had 5 other guests aboard, so only seven total, besides crew. I loved that it was small and intimate, during lunch we all swapped stories and shared our experience in Santorini.

Photo Apr 17, 3 16 27 AM

The boat sailed around the white beach, red beach, and to the “hot springs”… do not let anyone fool you, the “hot springs” from the Volcano have not been hot for a longgggg time. They are warm springs, someonepeedinthewaterwarm, springs. We were warned about this but still decided to take the icy plunge to swim to them. I jumped off the boat, immediately turned around and swam to climb back in the boat. It was that cold. I climbed back on but ended up jumping back in because FOMO. If you do visit the warm springs be sure to wear black or dark color swimsuit because the water is brown and filled with sulfur, it will stain. After the springs we sailed around some more, the views were just amazing. The sail boat also stops at a few other beaches for guests to swim, but it was so cold only one person swam, yep, this crazy dude. Which is baffling to me because he complains about the Puerto Rico’s Caribbean Sea being cold…?

Photo Apr 17, 3 31 21 AM

Views from our sail were ridiculous.

Photo Apr 17, 3 22 46 AMPhoto Apr 17, 3 42 45 AMPhoto Apr 17, 3 44 17 AM#model #cabanaboy


Our wedding day was April 8th, a week before Easter, so our honeymoon was during Holy Week. I loved that we experienced Greece during Holy Week, those Greek Orthodox do it up y’all. Midnight hour of Good Friday boat horns sounded for five minutes straight. Our hotel room being on a cliff over the sea, it was REAL loud, Carson jumped out of bed thinking we were under a Tsunami warning. He called the front desk and their explanation was ” It is a Holy Day.” Oh, right, normal. That night we were on our way back from Oia heading towards our hotel. This was our view on the drive back, the town of Pyrgos. 


Bad picture quality but no picture will do it justice.

The city was in flames. It was amazing, all of the town’s buildings have tin can looking torches around the perimeter of the roofs. So on special occasions, like Good Friday, they light up their city.


We hadn’t eaten dinner yet and looked for a place here but everything was packed, we tried four different places and no one had room. We were so hungry but couldn’t leave this incredible scene. So we hopped into the convince store, grabbed a large bag of chips and a bottle of wine. #classy
We definitely got stares, two white kids eating chips and drinking wine out of the bottle, Americans…
It honestly felt like we were in ancient Greece or something, walking through the stone streets, with old homes built upon one another. So many hidden walkways with gates and doors, it was an experience like any other I have ever had or probably ever will.The fact that it was all in celebration of Jesus made it that much more amazing. People were everywhere in the streets, police were directing traffic, it was organized chaos and I’m so happy we were there to be apart of it.

Photo Apr 14

Photo Apr 14, 3 56 33 PMPhoto Apr 14, 3 58 17 PMPhoto Apr 14, 4 10 40 PMPhoto Apr 14, 4 16 52 PMPhoto Apr 14, 4 23 09 PM


I believe there are only two Catholic churches in Santorini and around 500 Greek Orthodox churches, no exaggeration. For such a small place I wouldn’t think it would be hard to find the Catholic Church but NO ONE seemed to know where it was. Every local we asked (hotel staff, restaurant staff, bystanders) all gave different answers, a few were even offended we asked them! Like I said, Greek Orthodox don’t play. Thankfully we did find St. John the Baptist Catholic Cathedral, located in the Old Port, our favorite hangout spot! I talked about the church (and the Dominican Monastery next door) in my previous post- SANTORINI pt 1. I wanted to share a few photos of the cathedral, as well as some advice. We went to the church everyday during Holy Week to find out when mass was, the mass times online were wrong, which made us miss mass on Holy Thursday :(. The church is not open regularly, the hours were odd and we seemed to always find it closed when we tried to visit. Luckily we made it to Easter mass! The monastery door has mass times posted but it is only in Greek. I would suggest taking a photo and having a local translate for you!

Directions to St. John the Baptist: The best entrance to take is the pathway left of “Nick the Grill” at the old port, once at the top of the path take a right and follow the signs directing towards the cathedral. After this right you will go straight and take one left (after a souvenir shop) it is a narrow path that leads you to the church and monastery!

Photo Apr 15, 2 06 39 PMPhoto Apr 15, 7 05 42 AMPhoto Apr 15, 7 05 32 AMPhoto Apr 15, 7 04 00 AM

Favorite Restaurant & Bakery

I am super white and pretty much only like American food, but my hubs has a more refined palate. The best restaurant we went to that made us both happy was Remvi, located in Firostefani. The server was very sweet, she was from Athens and gave us a table with a perfect view of the sunset. I can’t even remember what we had as an entree but this was my favorite dining experience!

Photo Apr 12, 12 51 04 PMPhoto Apr 12, 12 31 18 PM

I ordered dessert as an appetizer because thats me and when she brought it out she said to Carson, “Hormones” and nodded towards me.

Photo Apr 12, 11 55 08 AM (1)

It was AMAZING, I can’t even look at the picture. Withdrawals.
Also this pic features Carson’s favorite greek beer, Fix. It was a winner in his book.

My other restaurant recommendation would be the one at our hotel, Petit Palace, we loved the platter of bread with different dips. (can you tell I have no idea what it was called?)

My favorite favorite favorite though was the bakery right by our hotel. One night after our rental car had already been returned we were jet lagged and so hungry, I had remembered seeing a 24 hour restaurant near by so we decided to walk to it. Well, it was a bakery and it was amazing. Im just glad we didn’t discover it until the end of our trip because I could eat it all for every meal. I wish I knew the name of this place but I can’t find it on google maps. BUT if you have your back to petit palace, it is about a quarter mile to the left, on the right hand side. 24 hour bakery. You’re welcome.

Overall, I would highly recommend Santorini for a vacation, especially a honeymoon. There were definitely things about the island I didn’t expect, like there are half way built buildings everywhere, it looks like they were in the middle of construction and just ran out of money. Which is exactly what happened…Greece doesn’t have the best economy and Santorini really relies on tourism to keep up and running. I was happy to support small local business’ and I loved that there were no chain restaurants or stores on the island expect for one small McDonald and Sephora. It really is a unique place with its own personality. I am forever grateful we were able to celebrate our marriage here!

Thanks for reading, if you plan on going to Santorini soon, contact me! I would be more than happy to hear from you!

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